Ask Us Anything

I have no idea what career I want to pursue.  Will Escape Velocity work for me?

Absolutely!  In fact, EV works best for people like you.  Your educational experience has exposed you to almost nothing when it comes to career opportunities.  You live in the midst of the most creative, robust economic engine in the history of humankind.  Our job is to expose you to opportunity and then guide you to it.

Escape Velocity seems too good to be true.  What’s the Catch?

No catch and no rocket science either.  Your position is out there.  We just have to find it together…prepare you for it…target it….and kick open the door to the rest of your life.  We have been so focused on college…regardless of interest, aptitude or the ability to pay for it…that we have lost sight of virtually everything else.   It’s not that Escape Velocity is so magical…its because our existing career path..high school to college to work…is profoundly broken!

How does Escape Velocity differ from the College Experience?

Well…in just about every way.  College is 4-6 years.  Escape Velocity is 6 months.  College Costs, on average, $145,000.  Escape Velocity costs less than 3% of that.  The Student Loan crisis is a disgraceful mess, with over 1.6 TRILLION dollars in amassed debt, with an average of $42,550 in debt per borrowing student. Escape Velocity is affordable, flexible and will not cripple you financially for decades if not the rest of your life.  College is loaded with irrelevant nonsense required to earn a degree…Russian History, Creative Dance, Lady Gaga and her impact on 21st century Pop Culture.  Interesting to be sure…but required to begin a career?  Hardly.  Everything Escape Velocity does is aimed at making you more relevant to an employer…more valuable….He does not care about your SAT scores, your grades in Algebra…or how many hours you spent chasing your electives.  He cares about your communication skills, critical thinking, collaborative abilities, your reliability, your passion…..

Why would a company hire a person without a degree?

Because this isn’t 1967!  Employers have had it with the recent college grad.  He wants the best talent he can find….and that is not being satisfied by college.  The college only requirement is rapidly vanishing from the employment landscape.  Google, Yahoo, Netflix and Apple have all announced within the last year that a college degree is no longer required for their entry level positions.  Tim Cook announced in December of 2019 that he fully expects 45% of Apples’ new hires for 2020 will NOT be college graduates.  We have placed our Associates with all kinds of companies….including Microsoft, Amazon, REI, Robert Half, Leslie Pool, Nexus Entertainment…and many more.

How Do I pay for Escape Velocity?

Our cost is $6,000.  And that covers everything.  Classes, books, our placement services, the occasional pizza! Everything.  Unlike our friends in the halls of ivy…no additional or unknown fees. And we do our best to stretch the payments out for you. $3,000 is due upon acceptance…with another $300.00 per month for the following 10 months.

Do I have to pay tuition if I leave early?

No.  We understand that life happens. If you must leave our program early you owe nothing further.  And, should you want to come back to us….the door is open…we will simply pick up where we left off and keep moving.

Where does Escape Velocity take place?

Most of our class work is done on line and can be completed wherever there is an internet connection.  Our job fairs and conventions take place in the field….you will have a schedule. All travel is local (greater Phoenix).

I have to have a High School Diploma to join Escape Velocity?

No. We are going to get you prepared, regardless.  However, be aware that almost all jobs have an age requirement and that is 18.  You can start Escape Velocity prior to your 18th birthday, but you probably can’t be placed until you turn 18.