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Let's Face It

Finding the right fit has never been more challenging.  For both the 
employer and the applicant. Escape Velocity has the tools to 
differentiate our Associates from the "madding crowd".  To separate 
ourselves from the pack with skills, contacts, focus.  Our Associates 
have superior resumes, superior presentation skills, superior knowledge 
of the workplace and a full time advocate, representing them in that 
crazy, amazingly exciting world of work. 

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We are committed to getting you placed in the job that is right for you. We don't just give you skills and hope for the best in job searching. We find a career for you and we are with you every step until you get a job that fits your goals.

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Certifications and School

We customize a curriculum specifically designed for your job search or self employment. We have access to more than 2,000 courses from 149 colleges and universities around the world. Each class comes with a Certificate of Completion and a final grade.
Microsoft Training.....Conducted in personalized one on one sessions by Microsoft Corporate Trainers. Focused. Certified.

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