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WOW! How Things Have Changed, and Continue to Evolve

Beth Braverman reported yesterday, while writing for The Fiscal Times, that the phenomenon of the Freelance Worker has taken hold and is expanding quickly. Initially driven by the lack of full time corporate employment, the Freelancer seems to have found his/her place and has no plans to move back to the company cubicle. Citing flexibility (creating multiple revenue streams), the benefits of being your own boss, growing incomes (more than 25% of Independent Workers earn in excess of $75,000 per year and the number making more than $100,000 has increased 45% to almost 3 Million people), has provided the Independent Worker an environment to thrive. And, importantly, Obamacare has given them the ability to obtain health care insurance for themselves and their families. Who needs the incredibly shrinking and always leaking corporate umbrella?

There are currently about 18 million Independent Workers and another 12.5 million doing contract work part time.

The corporate culture, once the most sought after place to be…..is losing favor with the younger worker. The amazing greed and short sightedness all aimed at cashing that big quarterly bonus check at the expense of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else may have created an environment where the worker realizes he is better off taking care of himself.