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If Most Students Aren't Ready for College...Why Are so Many Going?

Great Article yesterday in the St. Louis Post Dispatch written by Michael Weiss. “If Most Students aren’t ready for college….Why are so many going?

Good question….according to the non-profit College Board, these are the folks that administer the SAT and ACT tests to high school students…..58% of high school graduates do not have the skills to complete college level work. And yet 70% of high school grads go to college……uh….let’s do the math…..that’s about 40% of the incoming class that is prepared……

So…..let’s forget for a moment what is going on in primary school that is making them unprepared….and focus on the colleges…that know they are unprepared but accept them anyway! They know full well they aren’t going to succeed….Could it be that money talks? And what happens when fewer kids apply, which is already happening in some schools….Do we just make sure the loan apps are filled out and then lower the standard for admission? Seems like a prudent business model to me.

Day after day…article after article…..one scandal after another.

College…..It’s Own Worst Enemy!