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Oh Man, Are You Going to Love This One...

Oh Man…are you going to love this one…..A great article today by Glenn Harlan Reynolds writing for USA Today. “Abolish Ivy League to reduce inequality!”

These Government Subsidized Playgrounds for the rich add more to income/opportunity inequality than any other single institution.

Read this article…the details and the numbers are all there. The elites taking advantage of tax loopholes to build amazing endowments for the precious few. Harvard’s endowment fund alone is over 32 BILLION DOLLARS….and every contribution made by their wealthy alumni results in even more endowment which is used for what? And, a nice tax savings to the alum…which would have gone to the public (remember us?), had the rules not been stacked in his and Harvard’s favor.

You think we would have had enough of this nonsense…..Have We?

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