Michael Cramer:



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Ok, Pilgrims... It's Quiz Time.

What do the following business leaders all have in common?

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

Ralph Lauren – Ralph Lauren Design/Products

Bill Gates – Microsoft

Steve Jobs – Apple

Sir Richard Branson – Virgin Airways, Records, et al

Paul Allen – Co-Founder of Microsoft

David Karp – Tumblr

Larry Ellison – Oracle

John Paul DeJoria – Paul Mitchell Products

David Green – Hobby Lobby

Barry Diller – IAC/Interactive

David Geffen – Dreamworks

John Mackey – Whole Foods

Steve Wozniak – Apple

Sheldon Adelson – Multiple Casinos, Noted Philanthropist

Give up?

They are each extraordinary business leaders, self made men of passion and purpose. Their products and services have touched us all and in some cases have made profound changes to our culture.

They are each billionaires.

None of them have a college degree.