Michael Cramer:



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Some very disturbing news from our friends at community college. The National Center for Education Statistics shows us that only about 13% of Community College Students earn their associates degrees within two years. Ok, we get that. These students are most likely to be de-railed by jobs and family issues…but they will get there…right? Uh….some will….after three years that number goes to 20% and after four years we are up to a whopping 28%. Which means that 72% have either dropped out, given up or put on indefinite hold their college plans…..Not good.

And it gets a little worse….You know all that good advice we give to the kids to go to Community College and knock off some of those pesky four year requirements at a fraction of the cost and THEN finish up the four year degree elsewhere? Sounds great…BUT….less than 10% of students actually do it. 10%! That is flat out awful!

Community College used to look like the only saving grace in this college fiasco…but….maybe not!