Michael Cramer:



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Well, I guess this was inevitable and actually very cool….. Students leaving the U.S. to study abroad….Why? In addition to having the opportunity to experience another culture (usually in Europe) ,To save money…lots of it…and to streamline the process.

There are currently about 350 colleges in 30 countries in Europe offering bachelors degrees in English. And the cost can be astonishingly inexpensive. Less than $4,000 per year vs. $32,400 in the U.S. Huh? Is that a misprint? No…and some European colleges are much less than that..try $500 per year at Humboldt and Die Freie Universitat in Berlin…….

And, since the students aren’t wasting their time at frat parties and rooting on their quasi professional football teams…they are actually rigorously pursuing their educations…and finish them they do in about three years vs. the four – six needed here.

Food for thought! Amazing Experience…at a fraction of the cost and Global Exposure as well…Yeah!

This article was written by Sarah Grant, writing for Bloomberg Business on Sunday, March 27. 2016