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It's All About Money...PERIOD.

Not a good week for the college industrial complex. Abby Jackson, writing for the Business Insider reports today that the University of California System, frequently lauded as one of the best public education systems in the world, is in some deep stuff!

A just released audit claims that the system has been manipulating the admissions process for financial gain. How? By admitting out of state applicants with lower qualifications to boost income from their increased tuition. In state students pay an average of $13,400 a year for tuition….out of state….$38,108. Wow! Over the past six years…guess what? Out of state enrollment increased a whopping 82%. In state enrollment DECREASED 1%.

The audit claims that over 16,000 non-resident students were admitted although their test scores fell well below the median for residents.

This blog reported some time ago that this was becoming common practice everywhere as colleges compete for a dwindling group of “suckers” still addicted to the “College or Bust” mantra we have been force feeding our kids for the last several decades.

Get ready for the lawsuits on this one…..My kid didn’t get in because he lives across the street?

It’s all about money…Period.