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The University Presidents Are Hitting The Panic Button

Wow…When it all goes bad…well, it all goes bad!

Great article this morning in Yahoo News regarding the Fraternity System in American Colleges and Universities. A Disaster? Well…..yes. And the colleges are paying the price for the sordid social behavior and outright criminal activities that they have been sanctioning and protecting for close to a hundred years! Yeah, Mr. University President..NOW is the time to take action….as the lawsuits, press, and even Hollywood (see The Hunting Ground!) are lining up to put you out of business. College may end up being one of the greatest jokes and social calamities our society has ever created, supported and endured in our history. The behaviors outlined in this article have been going on unchecked for decades….no one said a word. Boys will be boys after all.

A little late boys…..enrollment is down…the loan trough is clogging up and the lawsuits…ah…the lawsuits….I can hardly wait to see how that goes! One in every five women sexually assaulted on campus! That’s the figure being bandied about in both the press and The Hunting Ground Documentary…..Bet you weren’t counting on that when you borrowed the money and wrote the check …were you Dad?