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EV TimesDisturbing Statistic of The Day89%That is the percentage of Millenials who would like

EV Times Disturbing Statistic of The Day 89% That is the percentage of Millenials who would like to purchase a home. BUT CAN’T Why? Student Loan Debt and lots of it. CSNBC reported today (Dec. 8, 2018) that this generation is being systematically destroyed by these disgraceful debts, which

now total over 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS! In 2005 the average monthly payment for a person with this debt was $227 per month. By 2016 that payment had grown to $393 per month. A whopping 73% increase and it just gets higher every day. $393 a month is a Mercedes payment…but wait…no car in the driveway! Be sure to read our “College, Is It Worth It” part II, in this edition for some more scary details about a social experiment gone wrong! Or wait is it a scam gone right? Hmmmmmm!

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