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EV Times The Auto Industry Is this the end or a new beginning? OK, listen up, this is important, culturally changing stuff going on here…and you need to be aware. In the last couple of months, several announcements have been made by three of the most powerful companies on the planet. Ford Motor Company, Daimler Benz (Mercedes), and General Motors. These organizations are clearly among the leaders in the worldwide automobile industry. An industry that employs more than 50 million people globally. A industry that touches all of our lives. And here’s the deal. Each of these companies has announced that they are dramatically changing their business models in keeping with changing technologies, consumer preferences and global demand. They see a new world emerging and with it a complete re-ordering of their businesses. They will be closing factories, downsizing their workforce and moving their focus away from the internal combustion technology, that has driven the business for 100 years, in favor of electric and other forms of renewable energy. And, they see a day, probably within 20 years, where few people will own a car. They will simply hail it from their phone…and an autonomous vehicle will arrive at their door and take them to their destination… Each of these leading companies have arrived at the same decision at the same time. And that, my friends, is profound and a true culture changer. Not owning a car means not owning car insurance, a garage to keep it in, not needing wide streets to accommodate parking, not needing parking structures at all in center cities…The entire design of our cities, towns, homes has revolved around the automobile for decades…and that is about to change. What does that mean to you? Well, beware learning to fix traditional engines….second think dealerships…get ready to save a ton of money throughout your lifetime. Think of careers that might evolve as part of this new dynamic….

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