• Mike Cramer

Neocon Expo

We had the opportunity, in 2015, to attend the Neocon Expo in Chicago. Neocon is the world’s largest commercial furniture/interior design convention on the planet and it is a lot of fun. New ideas, crazy stuff being introduced from all over the world….and lots of interesting people. Some are hanging on, some are moving….sideways…down….up, all have stories to tell. I met up with several of my old colleagues from back in the day (we all entered this business in the early 70’s to the early 80’s). We were chatting about our experiences and the things we had learned during what, by now, have been long, successful careers. We had all achieved executive positions with large corporations. Some of us had moved on to create and own businesses later in our careers. It had been a good ride. During our conversations, we addressed the future. Where would our business go? Who would take us there? Where would they come from? Where had we come from? And that’s where things got interesting…..Some of us had come from college….some had not. Skills? That brought on a bit of a chuckle….not many! In fact, in the pre-computer/digital age, we agreed that all we brought to the table was the ability to read and use a hand held calculator! That was it! We wheedled our way into a company and learned from there. Quickly. Sometimes desperately. But it was our careers that provided the training to be successful…not the other way around. Our first experiences at work weren’t always great…..but they were experiences and we built on them and kept on moving. All we needed was the chance. We took it from there.



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