• Mike Cramer


Why is Undergraduate College Enrollment Declining? Have we run out of the “College at any Cost” Kool-Aid! It was announced recently that enrollment is down for the sixth consecutive year. And, that has colleges concerned. And that makes sense. What doesn’t make sense…in a free market economy…is this: Where is the price (tuition) decrease that would be totally expected? If this were a business operating in a competitive market driven world…prices would go down. But…what has happened during this six year decline? Tuition and all other costs have gone up! Huh? That isn’t what they teach in Economics 101…you know that 8am, Saturday course you take with one blood-shot eye after a tough night of “studying”. Could it be that college isn’t a business at all…but a cartel. Fed by our addiction to an imaginary magic bullet and funded by the endless trough of government endorsed debt….you know..for the good of the nation. Maybe parents and some selected teachers are waking up to a fresh pot of coffee. This just isn’t worth it. Observation….if the student loan program were to suddenly end, half the colleges in the U.S. would be out of business within a year…tops!

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