• Mike Cramer

Ooops, Part II

OK…so the drop in undergraduate admissions in college was pretty much expected…after all, admissions have been dropping steadily for years… BUT Our vaunted Business Schools? 6.6% fewer students applied for admission to our Business Graduate Schools in 2018. And that is huge! And, it has affected all schools, not just good old State U. but Harvard, Duke, Wharton, Stanford and so on. Lots of reasons for this unexpected drop off. But one them is this, and it sort of makes sense in a weird, backward way. When economic times are tough..people go back to school…to better prepare I guess (or live off of student loans for awhile). When times are good …they go to work and forego school. They don’t need it. So…the question is…did they ever need it? Or is the whole exercise just a legitimate way to avoid the inevitable…you know…get to work..make a difference…see what happens. I used to be a guest lecturer at the Graziadio School of Business at Pepperdine University….Never have so many talented people wasted so much time and money….for a piece of paper. Nothing more. Anyway…bad week for college!

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