• Mike Cramer

Teenaged Millionaires

Meet Fraser Doherty Is a young man from Scotland who began his incredible business career at the age of 14! As a young boy his grandmother taught him how to make jam. My grandmother taught me how to open a box of Cheerios! At age 16, Fraser left school to pursue his “SuperJam” product. He began selling his product door to door and to small, local markets. I had moved on to Shredded Wheat and Algebra! By 18, Fraser landed a contract to provide his products to an upscale supermarket in the U.K. with 184 locations. I had moved on to my second try at Algebra and had completely given up on breakfast. Today, SuperJam is a world wide phenomenon. It is sold in 2,000 locations in seven countries. Fraser has moved on to found another venture, Envelope Coffee and he is the co-founder of Beer52. He is also the Director of the Scottish Charity, The Super Jam Tea Parties. He is a best selling author of The Super Jam Cookbook and SuperBusiness. And he is a much sought after public speaker and champion of philanthropy. He has been awarded membership in the prestigious Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by the Queen of England. I am none of the above. Fraser Doherty has a net worth of over $25,000,000. OK, so the only thing Fraser and I have in common is that we both had grandmothers. Dropped out of school at 14. Sold Jam. Worked Hard. Got some breaks. Worked harder. And today he enjoys his wealth, shares it with others and looks for new ways to grow his businesses and invent new ones. No college, no rich parents, just a kid. Get it? If you have a dream, treat it well. Don’t give it up easily. I work with young people all the time. They have interesting ideas. They know their markets. They are connected. Have a thought? Contact Me. Let’s Chat!

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